All that you see here is mere reflection. If it does not resonate with you, you do not see it. You are not affected by that which you are not the offering of.

Think of yourself as a sphere. This idea is simple and easy to manifest as thought because it is the closest approximation of what you truly are. As a sphere, you eminate radii. You can think of these as lines, or dots that are brought forth from your centre, or pure creative potential.

This is you, eminating one radian.

There are an infinite number of directions to choose from when you decide to eminate a radian, and until you have at least one it doesn’t strictly matter what direction you choose.

If you have two radii, then you have also created a relativistic positioning one to the other, and you have also created the idea of the observation of each, because your starting point still exists, has always existed, will always exist.

Existance does not become non-existance, for non-existance is already endlessly full of all the things that do not exist. The same is true of non-existance becoming existance. This does not happen for existance is already endlessly full of the things that do exist.

Knowing that you exist, and knowing that you are pure creative potential, and knowing that you may radiate any number up to an infinite variation of radii from your centre of pure creative potential, why would you ever believe yourself to be anything but the most powerful being in existance?

The veil. The veil of forgetting, your own creation, do you use to convince yourself of certain things. To trick yourself, as it were, into believing that certain things are not possible or could not be brought into existance, because there are lessons to be learned in tandum with the veil of forgetting.

You can snap out of it at anytime. The choice has always been yours and will continue to be yours, held as potential until you choose to realize this idea though your thoughts and actions.

Have fun.

Don’t believe me? Maybe you’ll believe Michael.

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