While it’s not always comfortable or easy to face yourself and some of your more unsavory actions, there is no escaping the fact that you must integrate all of your actions into your personality in some way. This is progress. This is the evolution of the personality. This is the art of balance.

This may mean taking a serious, hard look at your recent past, or distant past, perhaps something you did a very long time ago that has always been in the back of your mind. Perhaps something you’ve done or are doing in another life that is having an effect in this one.

Your generous body will offer up clues to those things that extend beyond the birth that have effects in this life. You may notice persistent pains in otherwise healthy areas of the body, or certain birthmarks, or certain ticks or abberations of tissues that should not necessarily exist, or are seeminly unharmonious with what is common.

Integration is the idea of, at the very least, accepting that which is. Not embracing that which is, not praising that which is, but merely accepting that which is. Finding a place where you can accept things as they are without necessarily being moved by them. In other words, finding that fundamentally neutral place as an observer, recognizing what is, without having to react to it. This is a very good place to start.

The act of acceptance can neutralize a great deal of energetic influence. If it seems like the circumstances of your life are being affected by some nebulous, unknown force, these things that you have done and these things that you refuse to recognize are likely the culprits.

It is generally senseless to look for external causes to the turmoils of your life. There are very few, very minor instances where external forces are primarily responsible for how you feel. And if you recognize and step into your true power, which is limitless, then you must also recognize that everything you see here is your own projection, sourced from your own actions and traits, and precisely yours to be balanced as you see fit.

There is no higher power than that which you are the expression of. Like it or lump it, you are limitless potential being projected into a game of your own design. Look inward for answers, as you will find only distorted reflections externally.

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