Gender Bender

When I first heard the term ‘cis gender,’ I thought there must have been some kind of accident with the chemicals and the radiation, and that an accomodation was appropriate for what resulted from this unfortunate turn of events.

Then I looked it up. Merriam-Webster defines “cisgender” (it’s one word apparently) as “of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity corresponds with the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth.”

Ok. Sure.

What’s interesting is that a word such as this had to be invented at all, merely to evoke the idea of knowing what your genitals look like.

Wow. We’ve come a long, way?

Y’know, I’ve known many academics in my life. I dated one for a time. I went to a “party” full of academics during the course of this relationship and I always notice something very distinct about such people. Not just at this party of course, but it was very, very, apparent at this event.

Primarily, arrogance, which I’m sure you’re all aware of, but there was also a curious affect to these people that I could not put my finger on.

I’ve given it a great deal of thought ever since because its always been on my mind. Its a puzzle. A riddle. A curiosity that I can’t deny.

In a sense its like all of these people have all joined up with the same cult, or something like it. They all seem to operate by a certain set of rules that they speak not of, and… I don’t know, it’s like they’re trying to best each other at being intellectual by complicating things that really are not behooved to complication.

The way they spoke was very similar. They were abrupt, maybe unwittingly rude, and they seemed to be always on the lookout for something they could, jab at? Poke fun at? Ply their skills at? It reminds me of schoolyard nonsense. Children getting into fights over petty differences.

It was weird. It is weird to this day. It gives me the feeling of weird.

Gender seems to be a hot topic among folks today, and there’s a great deal of talk about what gender means intellectually versus what it means biologically.

In my life I have never been able to identify more than three very distinct genders characteristic of the human species. These include boys, girls, and androgenous persons. I could be wrong, I haven’t been able to examine every last human being on Earth in their unclothed format, but from what I’ve seen your biology represents as either a man, a woman, or some combination of both, typically the result of some poison or toxin introduced during gestation.

Right? Am I right? What other biological configurations are there? Any?

There’s also this idea of gender identity. An intellectual (?), kind of nebulous idea of gender that excludes biology from discernment. I’m not opposed to this idea, in fact its quite astute. Just because you were born with a willy doesn’t mean you’re going to recognize what it is. There are many, many people on Earth with a cognitive dissociation or even plain ignorance of their biology. Many. There would be no DSM if there were no cognitive distortions from mass concensus.

So there are two potentials that I can think of for the use of such a term as cisgender. The first, and the most likely in my opinion, is a group of arrogant, self-centered, self-interested, cult-like monsters are playing a kind of war game of the intellect and producing word garbage in persuit of… what, recognition? Research grants? Another fucking dry-ass, wordy textbook?

Second, there is a ligitimate need for those in psychological and psychiatric fields of study and medicine to be able to approach certain subjects of harsh potentials in a soft and fuzzy way that hopefully won’t offend anyone… but the prevalence of this idea and the introduction of this term to communities outside of academia seem to contradict this notion.

Or there could be other, more sinister reasons. Divide and conquor? Who knows? The good thing is if I hear someone tell me they’re cisgender, I know this person is either an idiot, or some kind of monster.

Those who feel that the gender on their birth certificate does not match their personalities should perhaps consider that one has very little to do with the other. You can be a campy harlequin of a man, and you can be a great butch of a woman. The false gender identities given to you by your parents are a holdover from a time of war. They’re meaningless without context, and the context has long passed.

Most cultural proclivities arise from a need, be it biological, social, or what have you. Traditions are traditions because they were begun a long time ago when it was appropriate, and since we’re all creatures of habit, they persist. That doesn’t mean they’re always going to be worthwhile.

In truth there is no ‘correct’ personality that matches biological gender. Look to cultures where women do laborious works and men tend to matters more domestic, so to speak. You can be some combination of both the idea of man and the idea of woman, and most (really, all) people are. There are no rules when it comes to the personality. It is what it is, mostly intact from birth to death with a few minor alterations as time goes by. Gender and personality aren’t interchangable terms.

Now, I’m no expert in biology, but I do know that men and women produce different amounts of different hormones dependent upon the configuration of their bodies, and I do know that these hormones have an effect on mood and personality. What I propose, however, is that personality may also have an effect on the production of these hormones, as the autonomic nervous system is not a runaway train. It responds to stimuli like everything else. Why not the personality?

In my opinion, such as it is, people who are worked up about gender and personality traits are feckless idiots. If they see something that doesn’t fit their personal ideal of what Creation should be, and it makes them emotionally unstable, well sir, that’s a disorder, and you can either drop that shit and get on with living a happy, stress free life, or you can spiral out of control on a gender bender. Your choice.